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Last updated: 14 March 2018, 11:23
Company site
Spring Security Spring Boot Spring Data

This application is an earlier version of my portfolio website. It's build with Spring Boot in the back-end and uses the Bootstrap material design library on the front-end.

It has a basic back-end interface where the user can interact with the "news" and the "announcements". The following picture shows the edit screen for the news.

The user can insert unescaped html code with the help of tinymce editor and can add additional photos that are displayed with the blueimp gallery in the front-end. The requests are AJAX requests that are targeting REST controllers. This means that the page doesn't have to reload with each request. The application also uses Spring Security for authenticating the admin user in the back-end.

This application could be an alternative to a CMS for small businesses if the client wants a simple interface. Additionally allows more room for customization in the front-end.