Youtube comments

Last updated: 13 March 2018, 19:06
Youtube comments
React Bootstrap
Live demo

The source code is available at GitHub.

We all know (the programmers at least) that when we have a moderate large amount of data to display, it is better to display it in pages in order to preserve the user's data and or the server's / database utilization. This app does the opposite. It displays the comments of a YouTube video in one page. The reason for that is because sometimes i want to search quickly with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F to find something that interests me in the comments. The most obvious example is the song title. Or maybe i have a question and i want to see if someone else asked that question before and got an answer. If you try to do that with the YouTube interface you'll hit end to load more comments a lot of times..

The project uses the YouTube V3 API to get the data. It is built on the React library and also uses the Bootstrap 3. One thing to note is that the YouTube API doesn't have a clear number of the total comments for a video, so the progress bar feels a bit off sometimes.